How dangerous are wasp stings?

Wasp stings are very common across the UK. They usually aren’t dangerous and most people recover quickly, without any lasting impacts. However there are some instances where it can be a lot more serious. Wasps are similar to bees. Both …

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The Difference Between Bees, Wasps, and Hornets

Most of us have suffered a sting at some point in our lives. No sting is an enjoyable experience, but what is the difference between bees, wasps and hornets? And how do their stings differ? Bees Bees are flying insects …

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Tips to prevent wasps from being attracted to your home

If you enjoy a social gathering in your garden on a summer’s day but can’t relax with annoying wasps around you and your guests, there are ways to prevent the pests from ruining your day. Here are 5 things you …

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