Tips to prevent wasps from being attracted to your home

If you enjoy a social gathering in your garden on a summer’s day but can’t relax with annoying wasps around you and your guests, there are ways to prevent the pests from ruining your day.

Here are 5 things you can do to stop wasps from gathering around your home.

1. Keep your food covered and bin clean

Wasps love to explore the scents and treats that are left around the place, especially around bins. Wash your bins regularly, and keep them away from windows if possible so that your home is not the next port of call.

It’s best to also keep sweet drinks, cakes, biscuits etc away from your windows. Wasps have a sweet tooth and will find their way to your sugary snacks. If you’re having a party outside you should keep your sweet snacks covered.

2. Grow strong smelling plants

There are some smells that do a great job of discouraging wasps from coming into the area, such as: fresh mint, tomato stems, cloves, and ground coffee.

One effective method is to plant a border of fresh mint around your garden. And you can also fill a window box with mint – this will help to prevent the wasps from entering your window, as well as bringing a fresh minty scent into your home.

3. Avoid growing bright flowers in your garden

You might need to consider toning down the colours of the flowers in your garden if you experience a high volume of wasps. Removing bright coloured flowers may be necessary if keeping the garden wasp free is important to you.

4. Scatter some peppermint oil

Much like wasps don’t like the smell of fresh mint, peppermint oil is also highly effective at deterring wasps. Simply add a few drips to cotton balls or tissues, and place these around the garden, and around any decking, guttering, sheds, or any place where wasps tend to gather.

5. Distract them with something sweet

If you’re having a gathering and your garden is big enough you could plant a glass of orange juice in a far corner of the garden to draw them in that direction away from your party. You can also use very ripe fruit for this too.

If you’re dealing with a wasp problem on a larger scale, such as a wasp nest that needs to be removed, then speak to the experts.

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