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James Smith
a year ago
Richard came and got rid off my wasp nest within an hour of calling him great job a d price will definitely use him again...

The Problem

Wasp nests in Scotland are a danger as well as a nuisnace, more so than bees, due to their tendency to be aggressive and their ability to repeatedly sting you.

They often establish themselves in busy urban areas, attacted by warmth and food sources, and you may discover a wasp nest by hearing the buzz of the hive or by spotting the busy worker wasps in the vicinity.

They may build their nests underground or in cavities in walls, trees or logs. A single nest can house up to 3,000 wasps, but ‘super nests’ have been found housing up to 10,000. A hive may appear quiet with only a handful of wasps visible outisde it, but often there will be many more inside.

wasp nest removal scotland yellow jackets nest
wasp nest removal scotland

The Solution

If you have found a wasps nest in Scotland, in or around your property, it maybe be tempting to try and remove it yourself, but the best solution to is call out a professional who specialises in pest control of wasps.

Our team of wasp experts have the equipment, tools and expertise to get the job done quickly and safely. This means we don’t put ourselves, your home or your neighbours at risk.

Our wasp control specialists have the expert knowledge, through years of hard work and hands on experience, to ensure the right decisions are made.

We have the specialist equipment required to do the job properly and deal with your wasp problem in one visit, so that the issue is resolved quickly, before it escalates.

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We are a pest control company who provide a professional wasp nest removal service to clients in Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Lanarkshire, Ayrshire, Edinburgh, and throughout Central Scotland. You can be sure to receive a high quality service when you choose The Wasp Experts Scotland to remove your wasps nest.



Our wasp control service is offered to both domestic and commercial clients, and we provide a quick response, able to treat wasp nests 7 days a week. We can also arrange late night treatments in certain high risk areas such as schools or golf clubs where there maybe people onsite until dusk.



We will remove your wasp nest safely and effectively, and only use high quality products and equipment. Our technicians are polite, knowledgeable and highly experienced. We provide written treatment reports explaining what we have done, what chemicals we have used and any recommendations.